Description :

Sex : unknown

Hight : 6 feet 7 inches at least (always wearing platforms)

Weight : who can say?

Age : already ?

Don't ask about colours, everything is fake hair, eyes, nails . . .skin ?

Previous jobs : public relations, lewd nurse, hairmesser, covergirl, scarecrow. But has best skills in being a trashy creature of the night..

Passions : clubbing, shopping

Address : citizen of the world, lately  she has appeared close to Geneva,  and we suspect her to be trying to put the Leman lake on fire !!!!

History :

Once upon a time in a country far away, there was a pretty princess;  but even the stork couldn't define wether it was a girl or a boy. . . Mother nature, not so happy with that strange creature, bent over her cradle and put a spell on her : «  Every night when you go out, you'll be the most beautiful and the sexiest girl in the world, but once the sun comes up, your beard will grow, your make up will melt, your feet will be bleeding from spending the whole night on those extravagantly high heels, and you will just fall into your bed and snore the whole day long ». No one paid any attention to what the old lady said, but 18 years later, the curse occured. La Palma had become addicted to nightlife and never stepped back. Princes came from foreign countries, trying to rescue her by a kiss. But they were all turned into frogs.

So she just keeps on burning the dancefloors all around the world night after night . . . .

If you want to know more about  this fabulous tale . . . Or if you just want to invite Miss Palma to your Club, you'd better check your fridge is full before you go to the Contact page. Meanwhile, you can still have a look at her photo gallery, to be aware of what you risk…..

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