This page is dedicated to all my great friends ( I've got some, no kidding !)  who contributed , consciously or not , to create the character called Palma and this website.

Let's start at the beginning, my parents who did not always understand nor accept my choices but have always been there for support.

La Pamelle ( and of course her mother : Mother Nature) my everlasting friend in this cruel world.

Mercury Blush better known as « La Pouic », my dragpartner for so many years .

Boubouch my oldest and truest friend, first leader of the Palma fanclub, responsible for clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and she'd got the car.

Cécile, hysterical monument of the french riviera.

Jean Pierre, my godmother from Nice.

MC, who made old Palma come out again.

Virginie, who had so many patience to take the photos.

Miss Shanon Stanford, talented drag queen / performer, who reconciled me with Mr Photoshop.

Equinoxe, Laroussy, and all the members of message board for their great energy.

And thank you to all the people I met who contributed to creating La Palma.

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